Commemorating Valais's bicentennial with Valais * Wallis Digital

Aug. 29, 2014, 3:53 p.m.

In 2015, the Canton of Valais will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its entry into the Swiss Confederation. 

Throughout this year, the star project "Valais * Wallis Digital" invites you to commemorate Valais's bicentenary by building and preserving the collective memory of the "old country." It is a call to "dig up" your memories - pictures, movies, soundtracks or others who "sleep" perhaps in an old box in the attic of your home - to digitize and share them with the community on the Valais * Wallis Digital platform, developed by the Research Institute Idiap Martigny ( Whether you are a private person, a town, a school or a local association or society, we believe that the treasures - often ignored - are hidden in your home or archives. Give them a new life and make the entire population benefit. 

For motivation, we have created a deck of cards that will be distributed in the spring of 2015 in the stores of the cooperative Migros Valais ( Each card illustrated by young artists (EPAC Saxon, represents a remarkable historical event related to the history of Valais, which took place between 1815 and 2015. The goal is to create a timeline by aligning the cards according to the date of the event represented. In addition to playing with the cards, you can also discover the "historical depth" developed and documented by the Mediatheque Valais ( for each events, either by scanning the card with the application Valais * Wallis Digital or by visiting the Valais * Wallis Digital platform. 

Help us digitize the collective memory of Valais safeguarding and sharing your memories on the Valais * Wallis Digital platform! Together we can show that the state of Valais is a dynamic, innovative and precursor state who knows how to valorize its past and its heritage.