What is Valais*Wallis Digital?

The star project "Valais * Wallis Digital" invites you to commemorate Valais' bicentenary by building and preserving the collective memory of the "old country." It is a call to "dig up" your memories - pictures, movies, soundtracks or other files that "sleep" perhaps in an old box in the attic of your home - to digitize and share them with the community on the Valais*Wallis Digital platform.

Mobile Application

Share your documents and handle your card collection with the Valais * Wallis Digital mobile application!

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Card game

The Valais*Mania card game can be bought here


The project in a nutshell

In 2015, the canton of Valais celebrates the 200th anniversary of its entry into the Swiss Confederation. In order to commemorate this bicentenary, the State of Valais has launched a call for ideas to which the Idiap Research Institute, together with its partners, has responded by submitting the “Valais*Wallis Digital” project. The latter has been selected by the cantonal government in the “start project” category in March 2013 and is active during the whole year of 2015.

“Valais*Wallis Digital” wants to:

  • Digitize the collective memory of Valais
  • Create an Internet platform on which the population, the communities, the schools and the societies, in 2015 and beyond, will deposit archives and documents worthy of interest
  • Create and distribute a family card game which will serve as support and trigger element for the depositing of archive documents
  • Develop an interactive smartphone app for iPhone and Android. This app allows you to scan your game cards, manage your card collection and discover the historical context of the pictured event.
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